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  3. i have test it and work correct in windows 10 x64 , windows 7 starter x32 , windows 7 ultimate x64
  4. Download System.. SystemTestServer Next Rev Realised You can test it and report any problem.. If any problem exist write here the error message and windows version you test it.. Regards,l2exteam
  5. ExGuard Is a New Antibot protection against all known bots and hacking software. Features: Controls Max Windows Per Pc Hwid Open Urls In Players Pc Unlimmited Gameservers Admin Player Control Commands LiveUpdates And More... Setup For Every Customer Is Different Client/Server Side Supported Chronicles : Interlude
  6. ExGuard Interlude Client Protection Antibot Description: ExGuard Forums : Duration : LifeTime With Ip Or Domain work without To Open connections In Other Ip's "is only client->server/server->client" Feature LiveUpdate without restart server or client For The New Updates... every Client setup is different "client by client/server by server" every set up is on your system : support free 1 system for more is 10 euro for set up "for people who need different systems" support open url , Hwid and more Features... Blocks All known farm bots + Interface tools. Max Windows Per Pc Unlimmited Gameservers Offer Price Until 31 August price 100 euro (Only 1 Ip) Price With Domain +20e Test Server Available Here: Antivirus Test From ExGuard Dsetup: Loader.exe Contacts : Skype : vasilis.kostidis MaxCheaters Forum PM .. Payments : Paypal
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