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  1. ExGuard Is a New Antibot protection against all known bots and hacking software. Features: Controls Max Windows Per Pc Hwid Open Urls In Players Pc Unlimmited Gameservers Admin Player Control Commands LiveUpdates And More... Setup For Every Customer Is Different Client/Server Side Supported Chronicles : Interlude
  2. ExGuard Interlude Client Protection Antibot Description: ExGuard Forums : Duration : LifeTime With Ip Or Domain work without To Open connections In Other Ip's "is only client->server/server->client" Feature LiveUpdate without restart server or client For The New Updates... every Client setup is different "client by client/server by server" every set up is on your system : support free 1 system for more is 10 euro for set up "for people who need different systems" support open url , Hwid and more Features... Blocks All known farm bots + Interface tools. Max Windows Per Pc Unlimmited Gameservers Offer Price Until 31 August price 100 euro (Only 1 Ip) Price With Domain +20e Test Server Available Here: Antivirus Test From ExGuard Dsetup: Loader.exe Contacts : Skype : vasilis.kostidis MaxCheaters Forum PM .. Payments : Paypal